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Mission & Vision

The School is committed to impart a high quality education to child in a nurturing environment, encourage self discipline, creativity, independence of thought, to develop, sustain and maintain academic excellence through a balanced, holistic curriculum deal with adolescent needs.

We recognize that each student learns differently, we provide a wide range of learning opportunities for our students and encourage them to be active participation in their educational plan.

We would use tools like Smart class with audio - visual to ensure deeper understanding of cocepts.

Bhrigu Prabha Central School believes that soul of a school is its faculty. At Bhrigu Prabha Central School the faculty is in the profession because of their love and passion for children and also because of dreams they have for a better tomorrow manifested through their progressive & child centric interactive method of teaching.

We owe it to our society, our nation that we mould these youthful minds into responsible citizen of tomorrow.